Poofy Bread is Happy Bread

I made my pita bread today. It’s called “eish baladi” in Arabic. Eish is a word that really means “life” but since this bread is the staff of life, up to 1/3 of the caloric intake of most poor Egyptians, the slang term is appropriate. I have the recipe over at my other blog, muslimahinprogress, so I won’t post it here. You’re welcome to mosey on over there and take a look:

I made mine today with half all purpose flour and half whole wheat. So funny, I had let the mixer do the first kneading, then took it out and formed it into a ball, popped it into a bowl to rest and rise. I totally forgot about it for about an hour. Fortunately, the weather has been unseasonably cool and I had the window over the sink open for some fresh air, too, so it rose more slowly than it would on a warm day.

I love the smell of the yeasty dough when I uncover it; I love the consistency when I punch it down to let the gases escape; I love finally, finally being able to knead it into a beautiful smooth round ball. Took me forever to learn how to do that. I cut it into four and made balls out of that, then let it rest until it was time to roll it out. Two of the four ovals poofed up nicely in the oven. The other two resisted poofage but will still taste just as good. I let them cool then put them in the freezer. I’m going to save them until tomorrow when I plan to have a traditional Egyptian breakfast of fuul for my husband. InshaAllah I’ll remember to take pictures before everyone eats everything.

Today is a day for leftovers so I don’t have to cook dinner tonight. Tomorrow being Friday we generally buy burgers or pizza so maybe I’ll bake something else in my free time. Or I could make beignets. Oh, those are lovely. I’ll tease you now, heh heh. If I make them, I’ll post the recipe and make sure to take pictures. And then I won’t share them with you, sorry :). Well, not really.